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      Towel Fighter Towel Fighter
I have no idea who makes these game ideas, but this is a really clever and fun one! Whip your opp
      Pumpkin Battle Pumpkin Battle
An evil pumpkin has invaded your patch and is wreaking havoc. He must be stopped.
      Tifosi Tifosi
Sports just isnt the same without the odd riot! In this game you take on the role of a footbal
      Knockout Knockout
Travel around the world trying to knockout all of your opponents in this awesome 2D knockout game
      Downing Street Fighter Downing Street Fighter
Take on other political party members as you battle to become the leading member of parliament on
      The Legend Of Dragon Fist The Legend Of Dragon Fist
The aim of this beat em up game is to defeat 10 opponents. All of which progress in difficulty
      The Rice Hat Warrior The Rice Hat Warrior
Cold steel is your only ally. Mercy has no place in your heart.
      Bloody Rage Bloody Rage
Mortal Kombat style fighting game. Its a bloody rage!
      Ad Tick Fighter Ad Tick Fighter
A strange game where you beat the heck out of some guy in this sumo wrestling game based on inter
      Dragon Fist 2 Dragon Fist 2
Chinese style fighting game.
      Bush Vs Kerry Bush Vs Kerry
Play as either Bush or Kerry and knock the living daylights out of each other
      PC Breakdown PC Breakdown
Has your PC ever crashed just as you were about to save a crucially important document? Has it ev
      Whack Your Boss Whack Your Boss
Find the 7 different ways to whack your boss in this painfully funny office simulation. Did you k
 Maus Force Attack Maus Force Attack
Fly through the skies in your plane, shoot down helicopters and enemy planes with bullets or bomb
Click four tiles of the same color in a rectangle shape to remove them for points.
  Sparks Sparks
Rotate the connectors using your mouse and get the sparks into the center.
   Bean Hunter Bean Hunter
Impusca verzisorii cand apar pe ecran.
Tetris 2DTetris 2D
Drop the blocks in this classic arcade puzzle game.
   Shoot Em Shoot Em
This is a simple shooting game. Kill the evil heads before they suck your blood.
   Star Ambushed Star Ambushed
Esti atacat de Imperiu. Click pentru a trage si distruge cat de multe poti!
Quiz Time with ChronoQuiz Time with Chrono
Take Chronos on the backgrounds of Super Nintendo games
Roll the dice and make the combination of numbers to win.
 Lucky Balls Lucky Balls
Shoot the balls to form packs of 3 or more.
  Starfire Starfire
Fly your space fighter and destroy the invading army of Darkshadows.
 Joe The Rocket Joe The Rocket
Help Joe, the rocket to escape from the renegade robots by maneuvering through a dangerous course
 King of Buttons King of Buttons
Click on the buttons with your mouse to push them in endurance, time trial, challenge and reflex
  Square Square
Click on the squares atleast two or more remove all to win.
Click on the letters spell out the word wheel of fortune hangman type game.
 Blitz Blitz
Fly around your plane over the city bomb the buildings before you crash into them.
 Beaver Dive Beaver Dive
Dive to the bottom of the sea to pick up pearls from the clams, avoid contact with deadly shark,
Wild West ShootoutWild West Shootout
Wild West Shootout, claim rewards for shooting the bad guys.
Zero MatterZero Matter
Fly in your ship shoot at the opponent and destroy his ship to win.
 Beer Monster Beer Monster
This is a thrilling adventure game where you have to search for beer cans scattered all over diff
 Action Driving Game Action Driving Game
Guide the tricked-out BMW to the Eiffel Tower completing Franks latest job as The Transport
 Bicycle Bicycle
Your bike just got jacked. Get it back before the thief is gone for good.
 Magus RPG Magus RPG
Play as Magus in this Chrono Trigger style game, use space for actions and m to bring up the menu
 Dick Quicks Island Avdenture Dick Quicks Island Avdenture
Dicks been a bit of an umm.. idiot, and crashed his plane into the sea. Luckily, he managed to
Basted in BloodBasted in Blood
This town is blah shoot the turkeys but avoid shooting the babies.
 A Navle Battle A Navle Battle
Watch the wind, and fire your boats cannon to hit the enemyEach team takes turns firing at the ot
 Megaman Polarity Megaman Polarity
Change shield polarities to absorb enemy blasts, power up your mega blaster and find Bass to dest
A great version of the arcade game Frogger, but with a sheep.
  Tangram Game Tangram Game
Choose the puzzle and match the pieces in the right spot.
 Cannon Blast Cannon Blast
Burn your cannons rope and watch it shoot down those ships
 A Wizard Tale A Wizard Tale
Guide the wizard through to the castle, help him find books and the princess.
 Kung Fu Statesman Kung Fu Statesman
Guide your MP through the levels avoiding troublesome protesters.
 Bomberman Bomberman
Bomb your opp, (Del key is to lay bomb)
 Kumkang Kumkang
The little raccoon is robbing all the shoes! Your aim is to help him in his quest for shoes and a
Tower BlasterTower Blaster
User vs. computer where you try and stack the bricks from least heavy to heaviest against the com
 Free Ride Free Ride
Buckle up as you take on a cross country trip in your jeep to the hottest music festival of the y
World of the RingsWorld of the Rings
Move the rings around and match up the colors horizontally or vertically to remove them.
 Balance Tobby Balance Tobby
How far you can carry Tobby while balancing him on a stick?
 Deluxe Pacman Deluxe Pacman
A remix of the famous arcade game, Pacman.
RoBoxer 2RoBoxer 2
Dodge left, right, block or duck, punch and jab your enemy to his explosive death.
 Jump&Glide Jump&Glide
In this game you are a boy trying to glide through the air, but first you need to collect balloon
 Arabian Knight Arabian Knight
Defeat the evil sultan.
 Jumping Circle 3 Jumping Circle 3
Jump from platform to platform while shooting down enemies with your gun.
   Subtraction Subtraction
Subtract the numbers as fast as you can.
 Beachball Control Beachball Control
Can you keep the beachball under control? Navigate your way underwater past the fish and sharks a
Xiao Xiao 6Xiao Xiao 6
Do numerous puzzles power up fight attacks try to crush the stick man with weights and fight the
    Tetris Tetris
Oh this game is one of the most addictive games ever! WARNING : dont play this game unless you
  Monster! Monster!
Throw lifesavers at the people who have gone overboard before monsers eat them.
 Dix in Space Dix in Space
Fly around in your bizarre space ship and shoot down enemies that come at you.
  Snake Hunt Snake Hunt
Classic old school snake game pick up apples and make your snake grow.
 Digi Ninja Digi Ninja
Kill the monkeys that are terrorising you
  Star Monopoly Star Monopoly
Get planets colonize and make money off of they in this monopoly variant.
 IQ Marathon IQ Marathon
Real IQ testing Game...
 Insect Hunter 2 :  Frozen Insect Hunter 2 : Frozen
Slither around the area and eat up those nasty insects.
 Aqua Massaqua Aqua Massaqua
Row your way as fast as you can toward the checkpoints in Aqua Massaqua! Avoid the sharks, and va
 Alchemist Flame Out Alchemist Flame Out
Help Colonel Roy, the flame alchemist, to destroy the attacking hordes of chimeras using his flam
   Ewoks Ewoks
Impusca micul urs innervant. Trebuie sa castigi 400 de puncte pentru a trece la urmatorul nivel!
  Pencak Silat Pencak Silat
A great little Mortal Kombat/Tekken type game where you can customize your fighter and take him t
  Alien Abduction Alien Abduction
Esti extraterestrul. Misiunea ta : rapeste oamenii si animalele potrivite si trimite-le la nava ma
  Monster Stack Monster Stack
Drop the little monsters and try to stack them up as high as you can, without toppling over!
 Air Dodge Air Dodge
The objective of this game is like every other helicopter type game, get as far as you can withou
 Massive Attack Massive Attack
Click on the invading men to kill them before they reach your castle. Upgrade walls and add arche
 Kookin Kidz Kookin Kidz
Help a hungry witch pick up all the innocent children and prepare a boiled kids stew for her lunc
 Dragon Gordy Dragon Gordy
Primary goal of the game is to feed Gordy. A newly born baby dragon eats fireflies by jumping.
 Egg Run Egg Run
After falling out of your nest, collect enough twigs to build your home again!
   Free Mars Free Mars
Impusca martienii inainte sa te omoare!
 La Pescuit La Pescuit
Move your boat around and pick the fish in the lake.
 CyberSWAT CyberSWAT
Save the hostages before its too late by crushing all the terrorists with your mech.
 La Hague La Hague
Help Greenpeace protect the earth, collect the dumped nuclear waste from the bed of the sea.
   Round Rong Round Rong
Versiune circulara a clebrului joc Pong.
   Sheep Cull Sheep Cull
Murder as many innocent lil sheep as you possibly can with 50 bullets.
  Squarez Squarez
Set up the pieces rotate them and put them together 3 by 3 or greater to remove them
 Hook, Line&Sinker Hook, Line&Sinker
Help the fisherman catch the same species of fishes with his hook to gain points.
 Mars Patrol Mars Patrol
Patrol the red planet and take out those evil aliens.
 Anti Terrorism Dept. Anti Terrorism Dept.
Use fists, knife, machette, katana and guns to kill terrorists pick up weaponry and go on mission
Keepy UppyKeepy Uppy
Click pe cap si inscrie puncte!
   The Kungfu Statesmen The Kungfu Statesmen
Alege 1 din cei 3 maestri Kungfu pentru a recupera documentele secrete!
   Shoot Fish Shoot Fish
Foloseste harponul de pa barca pentru a trage si sa prinzi pesti mari!
  Mr Georges Mr Georges
Demolish every part of this teddys body
 Forest Fight 2 Forest Fight 2
Take control of Legolas Greenleafs bow from the LOTR and kill the evil orcs army of Sauron.
Yeti Hammer ThrowYeti Hammer Throw
Hammerthrow.. with a Yeti! See how far you can fling those hammers with this little beast.
 Fly Catcher Fly Catcher
Catch flies by spinning your web and eat them, avoid being hit by the fly swatter.
    Panik Panik
Trebuie sa colectezi toate bombele inainte ca acestea sa explodeze!
Fire  StormFire Storm
Joaca rolul unui pompier si opreste focul!
Traffic Control 2Traffic Control 2
Control the traffic lights to let cars, trucks, and other vehicles through intersections.
Ping PongPing Pong
Ping Pong, does exactley what it says on the tin. Play ping pong in 3d!
 Jedi Duels Jedi Duels
Yoda, the Jedi master and Bob return to take on a pair of dark warriors.
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