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 Megaman X Next Megaman X Next
Team up with Zero to find your friends and get rid of the evil power up cannon dash jump and fire
 Megaman :  Project X Megaman : Project X
mega man game use rock to dash jump power up cannon and fire at enemies.
 Metal Slug :  Rampage 3 Metal Slug : Rampage 3
Drive around in your tank, shoot lasers at soldiers and blow away tanks with your cannon.
 Metal Slug :  Rampage 2 Metal Slug : Rampage 2
After all the killing Marco is sent to Iraq to look for Saddam Hussein. Drive down the sand fille
 Metal Gear Fiesta 2 Metal Gear Fiesta 2
The fiesta of Snakes birthday continues in this parody of Metal Gear and Bill&Teds bogus jo
 Memory Trial Memory Trial
Flip the cards and memorize. Match all of the pairs.
Short Bus RampageShort Bus Rampage
Drive over and murder all the school children as you get your own back on them for bullying you!
Silent DeathSilent Death
Sneak up behind enemies, stap them, choke them or twist their necks without being spotted, use ni
Where to go?Where to go?
Guess where to go in this game.. its pure luck!
White Shirt GuyWhite Shirt Guy
This is an extremely different game in which you have to navigate yourself around the office bloc
Weezer Jam SessionWeezer Jam Session
Select a song, Buddy Holly or Photograph and play the drums along to the beats of the songs.
Weapons of DestructionWeapons of Destruction
Jump into your panzer tank and run down George Bush before he escapes or shoot at him with your c
Way of Exploding StickWay of Exploding Stick
Run around as a stick man through houses and levels killing other sticks using punches kicks and
WhoopAss :  Office EditionWhoopAss : Office Edition
Change angle and power to catapult obstacles at employees before they reach the water cooler.
Windows ExpeeWindows Expee
A funny and clever parody of the Windows XP operating system. Its hilarious to watch the annoy
World DominationWorld Domination
Build up your missile rocket nuclear stock pile build jets and bomb cities down to take them over
Wolfn SwineWolfn Swine
Pick up the Wolf with your mouse, chuck him up into the air. Attack a rocket, then hit him with t
Wireframe SkeletonWireframe Skeleton
Move around the skeletons limbs arms legs body and make it do funny things
Wink :  The GameWink : The Game
Sneak around and infiltrate the castle, use stealth to get by the enemies, knock them out and pic
Warthog LaunchWarthog Launch
Aim, power up and move around your jeep to blast it into the sky and hit those aliens.
Wargames 1983Wargames 1983
Play a game of global thermonuclear war select country to wage war on and attack pattern.
Mr. Greenberg has just purchased a new UFO, and now needs to learn how to fly it.
Ultimate CrushUltimate Crush
Clear the entire game screen by clicking the groups of dots in the shortest amount of time possbi
Type MastaType Masta
Type the letters as they come up to become a fast typer.
Get your stick to the end of the level
The aim of this game is to get all 11 members of your sumo wrestling football team into position.
Ultimate PotatoUltimate Potato
Fight a variety of enemies including bomb wielding carrots and exploding tomatoes as you the pota
Unicycle ChallengeUnicycle Challenge
Stay balanced on the Unicycle as you dodge the oncoming mini-beach balls. You control the Unicycl
Wack the Boss right on the noggin!
Virtual KeyboardVirtual Keyboard
Wow! A virtual keyboard! Learn how to play classic themes such as Mario, Tetris, Zelda and much m
Video  PokerVideo Poker
Try and beat the computer with an awesome hand in poker!
Urban SlugUrban Slug
A good war/strategy game.
Cruise through the dirt as a worm pick up apples and eat them to grow.
Worms Level 1Worms Level 1
Walk through the dank smelly sewers, shoot down flying vampire bats and chop up zombie worms.
    Wheelers Wheelers
Race your motorcycle around the track.
    Colors Colors
A computerized version of Simon Says, with music as well.
    Gyroball Gyroball
Navigate your gyroball to the glowing goal of each level without falling off the platforms.
  Bubble  Pop Bubble Pop
Pop the bubble on the plastic protevtive wrapper
 Card  Wars  Maganic Card Wars Maganic
Choose your card well in this strategy card game. Play the best card to take out the enemy wizard
    Tanks Tanks
The most advanced tank war game ever.
 Lucky Clover Lucky Clover
Find all the four-leaf clovers in your garden.
 Gold Miner Gold Miner
Basically you want to use your claw to reel in as much gold and other treasure as possible. Colle
       Catomania Catomania
Try and send the cat into the most uncomfortable situations as possible without getting injured.
 Kerry Bush Bash Kerry Bush Bash
Youre the debate moderator, and youve got to stop them from attacking each other.
 Sexy Slots Sexy Slots
Can you win enough $$ to get the woman to strip?
       poker point poker point
plus point of cards to 26 in four columns.
Zwill 2Zwill 2
Wander the different areas, pick up cheese, stars, and avoid the creatures that stop you.
Xiao Xiao 5Xiao Xiao 5
The fifth of The Xiao Xiao series created by Zhu.
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