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 Fruit Machine Fruit Machine
Pull the lever on this slot machine and win some big money.
  FlashTrek :  Romulan Wars FlashTrek : Romulan Wars
Find dilithium among other minerals, battle against Romulans and Klingons, upgrade your ship and
   FlashTrek :  Assault FlashTrek : Assault
Shoot down the incoming enemies using your phasers from the station, upgrade, and build ships.
 FF FlashRPG FF FlashRPG
Select your character Cloud, Sephiroth, Kain or Terra and battle against dangerous foes like Mari
 Fear Unlimited Fear Unlimited
Kill undead enemies with your sword, shoot them with your machine guns and perform combo attacks.
 Field Goal Field Goal
This is a cool American Football Field Goal shooting challenge game. Look at the wind, direction
 Field Goal II Field Goal II
Get on the field and try to score as many field goals as you can before the time runs out!
 Fierce Fighter Fierce Fighter
This is a side scrolling beat em up game where youve to play as Bruce Lee and make your way
Fat BoyFat Boy
Help a fat boy to raid a cookie factory and satisfy his hunger, avoiding the guards and other thr
 Fantasy Quest Fantasy Quest
Walk around the village pick up weaponry and battle out in the fields.
 Excite Bike Excite Bike
The objective of this game is to kill as many people as you can whilst your in a motorbike race.
 Etherena-2 Etherena-2
Strange little game where you poo on each other to win points!
 Exofusion 2 Exofusion 2
Another great space shooot-em-up. In this one you can buy upgrades between levels.
 F/A-18 Hornet F/A-18 Hornet
Use your mouse to guide the F/A-18 along the path of the lead plane for as long as you can. Missi
 Fall Down 2 Fall Down 2
Looks all so innocent and easy but wait and see...
 Fight Man Fight Man
You have seen the movies, now you can play the game! A pretty cool matrix style beat em up.
Final BattleFinal Battle
Help King Russell defeat the evil Bob wire and get back his crown from the moon.
 Five Finger Pellet Five Finger Pellet
Use the knife and perform tricks around your hand but don`t stab yourself.
 Fishwater Challenge Fishwater Challenge
Paddle your kayak avoiding obstacles and collecting fish.
 Flash Halo :  CTF Flash Halo : CTF
Infiltrate the enemy base, steal their flag and return it to yours while shooting down enemies in
 Flash Tank Flash Tank
Change angle and power depending on wind and fire the cannon from your tank destroy enemy tank.
    FlashTrek FlashTrek
Travel through space at warp speed, deliver cargo, fight battles using phasers and torpedos and g
 Fishing Impossible Fishing Impossible
Your mission : Infiltrate the fishermans yard and steal his fish. Beware the guard dog who will tr
 Fish Kill Fish Kill
Kill as many fish as you can with 6 pack plastics before the SPCA comes along and busts you!
 Final Fantasy Barry Final Fantasy Barry
Run about the grasslands of this strange place battle with other people and try to gain access to
 Finger Footy Finger Footy
The object of the game is to flick as many footballs into the goal as possible by using the littl
 Fire Fighter Fire Fighter
Help save the people from the burning building as they leap from the balcony. Its your job as
 Fireman :  Incoming Storm Fireman : Incoming Storm
A side scroller where you play as Fireman and must get through many levels.
 Get Set Boogie Get Set Boogie
Guide Sunny through platformish type levels.
 Full Time Killer Full Time Killer
Great sniper game, make sure you dont get spotted!
 Hop-A-Lot Hobbit Hop-A-Lot Hobbit
You must get the evil ring back to where it was forged by jumping over various obstacles of diffe
 Hook, Line&Sinker Hook, Line&Sinker
Help the fisherman catch the same species of fishes with his hook to gain points.
 Hostile Skies Hostile Skies
You are a pilot in World War I. It is your job to defeat Falkenhayns attacking fighters and la
 Hover Bot Hover Bot
Help a newly created robot, who was ill treated in the factory, to escape without getting capture
 Hovercraft Hovercraft
This is a challenging ball game, in which you have to guide the spinning thingy through the level
 Hook Line&Sinker Hook Line&Sinker
Strategy, action and pure fun - Hook, Line&Sinker has it all. Warren the fisherman is ready to ca
 Ghetto Chase Ghetto Chase
Bad boy, Bad boy what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you!
 Helicopter Rescue Helicopter Rescue
Fight the elements and build a human tower to reach the circling helicopter.
 Heli Attack 3 Heli Attack 3
Destroy all enemy units to progress through snow, jungle, canyon lands and lab levels.
High VoltageHigh Voltage
Maneuvre a truck and electrician through the obstacles to to your way to help get power back to t
 Hithim Hithim
Hithim as many times in the face as possible
Help Houdini explore the temple.
 Hulk Smash Up Hulk Smash Up
Ever fancied being green and destroying a city? You can now youre the Incredible Hulk!
 Hungry Bob Hungry Bob
Click on Bob power him up and make him jump for healthy foods strawberries and drinks avoid junkf
 Insect Hunter 2 :  Frozen Insect Hunter 2 : Frozen
Slither around the area and eat up those nasty insects.
 Infect. Evolve. Repeat. Infect. Evolve. Repeat.
Infect red blood cells to spawn more viruses, evolve to spread faster, become immune and the most
 Invasion 2 Invasion 2
Build up your soldiers, archers and battering rams, upgrade them and destroy the castle.
 Invasion 2196 Invasion 2196
Shoot the oncoming enemies. Has an astroids feel to it.
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